The Compendious Emblematist

Let every Day some labour'd Line produce
Command of Hand is gain'd by constant use

THE Usefulness of Books calculated for the Improvement of young People in the Arts of Writing and Drawing, are too evident to need being insisted upon.—We shall therefore only beg leave in a very concise Manner to point out the particular Merits of the Work we here offer the Public.
First, then, it is humbly proposed as an Assistant to School-Masters; for as the greatest Part of these our Moral Copies were first wrote by that able and experienced Penman, Mr. William Chinnery Senior, and engraved from thence by an Artist very eminent in his Way; they will save such Masters the Trouble as well as Time of writing a Variety of Copies for their young Pupils with their own Hands.

Again, this little Book will undoubtedly be found of infinite Advantage to such Persons, as either cannot write at all, or but very indifferently, and have no Opportunity of being instructed by any able Master; for here they will find not only all the Characters made use of in Printing; but those, likewise, in all the Hands that are most useful, and most practised throughout Great-Britain in the Way of Trade and Business.

And, that No One, who may be desirous of Improvement in the two important Branches above mentioned, may want that Aid or Assistance, which this Attempt is so well calculated to afford them, the Editor has set so low a Price upon it, that it will fall within the Compass of almost every one's Purchase:—And it must be acknowledged, by all who are Judges of the Expense of such a Number of Plates, and those, likewise, so well executed, that it is the very cheapest Book of the Kind that has ever hitherto been published.

As to our Ornamental, Emblematic Devices, which we have ventured to call our Drawing-Book, and we hope with some Degree of Propriety, it has One Thing, if Nothing more, to recommend it; namely, that Not One Single Design ever appeared in public before; and we apprehend, that the Whole is exhibited in an accurate and workmanlike Manner:—Such, therefore, as it is, it is freely submitted to the Censure or Approbation of the Public, by

Their Most Obedient Servant,

Reverand Thomas Bellamy