_ Chaos! Smoke, bombs, and screams of terror permeate the crowded street. The anarchists are at it again. A 1894 issue of the Omaha Daily Bee described anarchists as those that believe “all human government is usurpation, tyranny, essentially wrong.” Anarchists have caused riots, bombings, and successfully assassinated several world leaders—including the 25th president of the United States.

May 4, 1886_
Haymarket riot.

November 11, 1887_
Four anarchists are hanged for allegedly throwing a bomb at Haymarket.

July 11, 1892_
Francois Claudius Koenigstein (Ravachol) is executed in France; becomes an anarchist martyr.

February 12, 1894_
Emile Henry detonates a bomb in the Cafe Terminus, killing one and injuring twenty.

September 10, 1898_
Elisabeth, Empress of Austria is stabbed by an anarchist.

41.878N \ 87.629W
Never before were citizens of any country placed on trial for so grave and flagrant a transgression, who received such consideration and fairness at the hands of the administrators of law and justice as did the participants in the Haymarket tragedy.

July 29, 1900_
Umberto I of Italy is assassinated by anarchist Gaetano Bresci.

September 6, 1901_
President William McKinley is shot by an anarchist.

November 1919_
Palmer Raids begin.

December 21, 1919_
249 political radicals are deported including anarchist leader Emma Goldman.

September 16, 1920_
A bomb explodes on Wall Street killing 38.

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